We Open in Oxnard Saturday Afternoon


Richard Weill tells the story of his play Framed, and its eight-year journey from conception to the page to the stage.

Weill provides detailed and fascinating insight into precisely how he set out to tackle what Ira Levin (author of Deathtrap, the longest running thriller in the history of Broadway) called “that trickiest and most demanding of genres,” and create a thriller that was credible and meaningful as well as original. Relive the exact moment he conceived the ironic, shocking, yet inevitable ending to Framed. See how Weill implemented an off-Broadway director’s advice that he “play with time.” And once production begins, witness how a playwright negotiates the delicate balance between maintaining the integrity of his work and serving as a cooperative collaborator with his play’s director, cast, and production team.

Read the story and the play — in one volume.

Published by Sidney Books, We Open in Oxnard Saturday Afternoon was released on May 7, 2018, the second anniversary of the Oxnard opening of Framed.

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